Jazzi Jewelz Boutique where we put jazz in your step and your outfit

Jazzi Jewelz is a place where every woman is treated like the precious jewel she is. Often we as women wear  many different hats and place ourselves last on the to do list. I encourage women to take time out of each day even if its just 5 minutes to do something for themselves put on your make up and accessories before you walk out the door. Treat yourself as the precious jazzi jewel you are. 

Jazzi Jewelz Boutique by Raven makes it easy to put your self first all our jewelry is $5.00!!! Our necklaces come with a free pair of matching earrings as well. All our jewelry is lead and nickel free. I truly feel that looking great should not break your bank.

Every woman is special and unique, just like our jewelry. We have pieces for everyone's taste and something for every occasion. Stop by for a visit and bring a friend I am sure you will see something you like. Take 5 minutes and make your day Jazzi

  • Jun 26, 2019
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