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What is the most important thing when you are styling yourself?

For me it is having trendy affordable comfortable fashion,when i was younger I loved the most expensive labels and often sacrificed my comfort to look good. The most important things today however are affordable trendyΒ  fashion and comfort.Β  My wardrobe is ever changing due to the cycle of gaining and losing weight, seeking that perfect outfit for special occasions, and trying to keep up with the latest trends. I learned through the years to shop at the stores that offered discounts and coupons. I also love the Dillard's Clearance Centers and my all time favorite is the Last Chance Rack at Macy's. Paying more for an item does not ensure quality it just means you spent $95.00 for that shirt.

Here's a funny store about comfort. My husband and I took a quick weekend getaway last year to a concert(that's our thing) in Houston, Tx. We had a nice drive in and were excited to hear some old school r&b. The night took a turn after we got dressed for the evening, prior to putting on my gold heels i rubbed my feet with lotion and vaseline?? I borrowed the shoes from my sister and didn't realize how tight the straps were across my feet until it was too late. I figured it would be okay because my husband always drops me at the front door so I don't have to walk very far. This was not an option on that night, i had to walk the length of a football field maybe more with tight shoes and my feet sliding off the shoe and pushing forward thanks to the vaseline. We took several breaks as we made our way to the arena, it was horrible. My husband finally told me to take the shoes off and he wanted to throw the away but they were borrowed. I missed John B's performance, my husband didn't talk to me for a hour, and i was barefoot the rest of the night. Eventually all was forgiven and we made the best of the shoe less night.

So yes comfort and affordable fashion is very important to me. I definitely keep those two ideas in mind when purchasing jewelry to showcase to my customers. Trendy + comfortable+ affordable=Jazzi Jewelz Boutique

  • Sep 06, 2019
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