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Gold versus Silver Blog

Gold and silver jewelry are both classic and timeless options. How to decide which jewelry options is the best  for you depends on several factors: your outfit, skin tone, and personal preference.  Winter Ice-Rhinestone Earrings


Some fashion bloggers feel that people with cooler skin tones should choose silver jewelry and those with warmer skin tones should choose gold jewelry. Who wants to limit their jewelry options basked on skin tones? Not I said the cat. Princeton Princess-Necklace Set

The most important deciding factor in your jewelry choice in my opinion would be your outfit more specifically outfit color. Colors that look absolutely stunning with gold jewelry are: navy, red, green, and black. Silver looks amazing with black,but also pairs well with lighter colors and neutral colors. Examples would be white, silver,ivory, and pastels. Head To Toe Dazzle-Gold Earrings

The tips listed above are just that tips. I say when you put on the jewelry if it makes you walk with your head a little higher,gives you a little more pep to your step and that extra dash of confidence then wear it rules were made to be broken. Mane Up-Gold Necklace Set

Go ahead and make your day Jazzi!

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  • Feb 15, 2020
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